Legal and advocate services for consumers, individuals and businesses.

Text Box: This concept has been designed to alleviate both individuals and business entities from the excessive cost of legal fees during a calendar year for matters that could essentially be resolved in a more efficient and inexpensive manner. The intended purpose is to formulate a relationship with the appropriate law firm in the applicable jurisdiction to represent all your corporate and personal legal services.
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Lou Capazzi          

24 hours 7 days a week a national attorney or representative will be available to assist you with all your legal needs.

Volunteers Needed

National is in need of business partners that are willing to donate the firms time. The nature of this business requires our National organization to assist those in need and contribute to the cause of reduction in legal fees. For more information on volunteering and becoming an ELITE BUSINESS PARTNER of NATIONAL call us and inquire as to same.

Volunteers are needed to assist in

· Real Estate Matters

· Landlord Tenancy Issues

· Welfare Cases

· Immigration Matters

· General Legal Assistance

· Estate Issues

· Elder Law


Professional Partners and Affiliates

National has an accelerated program for the professional partners in the practice of law or any of the affiliated service we offer. This program provides for partnership interests and residual work based on performance. National will dedicate itself to its business partners and insure the relationship is mutually profitable.

To become a business partner we encourage you to send a resume of the firm and its qualifications to engage in our program and represent our respective members…..

Welcome—Louis A. Capazzi, Esq.